Comments by Tagen

  • "Wow, this... beyond beautiful! A great write and treasure. "
    Posted by Tagen on "Never Seen" by Damien
  • "Great stuff! Addiction described perfectly. Well done and welcome to DP!"
    Posted by Tagen on "pills" by deathly_poetic
  • "I've read all of your posted poetry on here, and this one is my favorite. You have a gift, girl. 10."
    Posted by Tagen on "Hallelujah" by Roxxi
  • "Wow. I'm not 100% sure, but I think my knuckle tattoo font was in this or Allabaic, I don't know for sure. All I know is what someone told me that they were evil, or whatever. I see it popping up other places though, usually in Band Logos. Made me think, thank you."
    Posted by Tagen on "The Mystery of the Hellenic Alphabet" by Sorrowful Jester
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