Comments by Butterfly

  • "It's not really about suicide, it's more of a metaphor for someone i once new. This is his entire life wrapped into words. It was like everytime you got to know him he would kill himself and start over again as someone new. "
    Posted by Butterfly on "Social Suicide" by Butterfly
  • "Your pieces always tear me apart sweetie. Write me sometime. Miss ya. Beautiful by the way. "
    Posted by Butterfly on "Hope" by toy soldier
  • "Beautiful write of bitterness...You'll find it though, don't worry, it's out there."
    Posted by Butterfly on "Love Lost" by Soulfire
  • "You know this poem was the first ever poem I read on this site and fell in love with it. It's been on my faves list for a long time and i don't think I have ever commented on it. Such a great write. Made me want to write to this standard. "
    Posted by Butterfly on "Within Your Eyes" by liquid_emotion
  • "Oh honey, why didn't you tell me about this? Why didn't you tell me when I wsa still there and could offer a shoulder? I'm so sorry Mikey."
    Posted by Butterfly on "that girl" by toy soldier
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