Comments by Adyingflame

  • "Very much the poetic attitude of a survivor. Someone who has seen too much. Someone who has everything to lose."
    Posted by Adyingflame on "Impervious" by Gray Vision
  • "This was harrowing. Thank you sincerely for the write. This is a message broad enough for many to relate to. I feel the rejection like it was my own, and that's a powerful response to evoke in your readers. Well done, and a PotD more than well earned!"
    Posted by Adyingflame on "Your Vacant Beauty" by Deathkitten
  • "Sentiments like these, about enduring against ignorance resonate with me well. Many people feel no need to open their minds or listen, especially when they come from privileged places in life . I like how you depicted the qualities of people who deprive themselves of so much humanity. Good work."
    Posted by Adyingflame on "Judgmentalism of the World(Not Loving)" by DarkJimpanzee95
  • "Whoever she is, she seems like quite a guide. What a shame to lose her in death. Good write, and I enjoy that the meaning is versatile for the reader. "
    Posted by Adyingflame on "She's in my mind " by beamish
  • "Very bleak and final. Also no skirting the heart of the meaning for you. Direct language. I like it. It also sticks with me how plainly honest your feelings are, and how well a reader can relate. Keep writing!"
    Posted by Adyingflame on "Verses of Self-Shame " by DarkJimpanzee95
  • "Your final lines stick out the most to me, because they seem suggestive of an implicit trust, or at least the image of implicit trust, for a leader or mastermind. This really does carry with it some insights into people's observation of politics in a world so clouded by chaos and lies. Interesting thoughts, if very ambiguous. I look forward to your future work."
    Posted by Adyingflame on "State Of Confusion" by DarkJimpanzee95
  • "The thing I noticed most was your rhyme scheme and flow. Very engaging. I feel like nothing is lost on the reader, who is shown through steady examples how easily people in this day and age can defy our expectations. The crowd you described reminds me a lot of people who like to discuss politics. Often it's less a discussion and more like a revolving door. Good commentary. Good write."
    Posted by Adyingflame on "I built a god" by beamish
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