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  • "Thank you... As always a pleasure to read your comments. Made a little change to it by the way... Changed "backs" to "back". I believe this my give the reader a little more insight. Thank again TS. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "I find it hard to reveal to much and I become too obscure. know that makes it more difficult for the reader. I was hoping “dialogue” would be a positioning word. True though, works either way but more poignant for me from an internal source. Thank you Dwells. Always a pleasure to read your comments. I need to work on my foundation stanzas, but ilI like it when I make them stretch for it. I suck. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "Thank you dear friend. I find summer and me are akin to sundowning. I am eternally grateful for your comments. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "Thank you but, I hate this fuckin piece. I hate the ever loving shit out of it!!! But... thank you for the comment. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Smell of Rain" by tmanzano
  • "I miss your writing... you have no idea how wonderful it is... maybe you do. If you do, than I hate you. If you don’t , for god sake. Post something. It is incredibly moving to me. Oh yes... almost forgot... thank you for your comment on this. But for the love of fuck!!! Post something. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Midnight To Tucson" by tmanzano
  • "Hope is a sumbmisive bitch. I have often thought of this exact daydream. It feels wonderful to me... thank you for your time and comment. Very humbled. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Just Before I Go" by tmanzano
  • "Maybe the most difficult write I have ever made. It was about my grandmother. A most wonderful person. Thank you Carlosjackle. Thank you for reminding me of her. Sorry it has taken so long to thank you for your comment. I have been... under a rock. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Vintage Luggage" by tmanzano
  • "I am in absolute humble shock to be mentioned in the same breathe. So thankful for your comment. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Crazy Hot" by tmanzano
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