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  • "Astonishing imagery of the grip of youth lost and the endless foray into his "castle". I deeply poignant piece and alarmingly heart wrenching. I am not moved by pieces often as many things seldomly surprise anymore, but this was a wonderment of emotion and could feel the confusion and struggle with in him. It is dreadfully woesome. Cast me not into the plight of age, rather head me toward the quick of rage. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Stories from a Caregiver" by JustAnEarlyBird
  • "Absolutely fascinating piece here Dan. Wonderfully written. The cadence made me sit up and take notice. Almost as if a decree, a mandate, ordered me to do so. Enthralling and powerful. Metaphorically mesmerizing. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Prelude to Slaughter IV" by dwells
  • "Always a pleasure that you read my writing and on top of it all, comment. Very appreciative. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Monday" by tmanzano
  • "I have often wanted to find a medium that could capture many thoughts and words in a snap of time... you seem to have found the eye into the eye of the heart. I, forgive me, have to spat the many letters on this keyboard to simply convey a simplicity of admiration of this talent. I am sucked in..."
    Posted by tmanzano on "private mythologies: a celebration of choice" by Feral
  • "Don't read too far into this asshole... I think I fell in love with you a long time ago for so many other unconventional reasons. I fuckin hate you and love you. So with that... go fuck yourself and hope you are doing well. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Understanding Depression " by tmanzano
  • "Thank you... As always a pleasure to read your comments. Made a little change to it by the way... Changed "backs" to "back". I believe this my give the reader a little more insight. Thank again TS. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "I find it hard to reveal to much and I become too obscure. know that makes it more difficult for the reader. I was hoping “dialogue” would be a positioning word. True though, works either way but more poignant for me from an internal source. Thank you Dwells. Always a pleasure to read your comments. I need to work on my foundation stanzas, but ilI like it when I make them stretch for it. I suck. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "Thank you dear friend. I find summer and me are akin to sundowning. I am eternally grateful for your comments. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "I find it interesting you used shoulders and shoes... that is where I find them. All of them. Rocks, dicks, ass, love, eyes, saliva, blood, time. They all harbor themselves there. Pouring another one as I type this. Thank you Hazy."
    Posted by tmanzano on "So nice out today" by tmanzano
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