Comments by Lux

  • "This makes me wonder about all the possibilities. How many paths we cross, who could be missing you and who could miss you, given the opportunity. A well-wrought prose. Thank you for sharing."
    Posted by Lux on "Obvs Sessions" by Purposelessness
  • "If I were thinking about any other person, this would be arrogance unbound. But to this, it gives way. Simple truths, and that's what I love about this."
    Posted by Lux on "Leather Pants" by Doom Mantra
  • "This was fitting for far too many things to name. I'll leave you with a quote: Don't you ever tame your demons, but always keep them on a leash. "
    Posted by Lux on "Suicide Note (I)" by Doom Mantra
  • "You write with such wist. Or desire. I can never figure out whether to say hello or goodbye. Welcome back to Dark Poetry."
    Posted by Lux on "Listing a Moth" by haaksi
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