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  • "This speaks for itself. Any words I could muster would ruin the interpretation. "
    Posted by Lux on "I’m inept " by Nico Gende
  • "I am 100% creeped and terrified today thanks to that video... I never knew this existed and while I was confused for a moment, the video show-cased what I'm sure will haunt me in my dreams tonight. The piece itself speaks light to that. The part about the candle...that's going to stick with me for quite some time. Thank you!"
    Posted by Lux on "Sunshine on Blackwater" by happilydepressed
  • "This was the first horror movie I ever saw - We had one of those old fashioned VCR players that would automatically rewind the tape when it was done... My mom forgot to turn it off as she fell asleep so I watched it four times. I was thoroughly traumatized, haha. This is a fantastic tribute piece, my favorite part was about the milk cartons."
    Posted by Lux on "Lunacy Fiend" by Shaded_Iris
  • "The tone here is soft, the words soft...but the delivery is sharp. I enjoyed this muchly. "
    Posted by Lux on "Mirage" by LIFEINVADER
  • "I'm trying not to relate this to my situation because it takes away from the work and dedication put to thought here. Simply said; I wish for things like this every day. "
    Posted by Lux on "For You " by Smiles
  • "I know of the space between spaces and having been locked between, I can imagine how difficult this is... thank you for sharing. "
    Posted by Lux on "Pause" by LIFEINVADER
  • "This makes me wonder about all the possibilities. How many paths we cross, who could be missing you and who could miss you, given the opportunity. A well-wrought prose. Thank you for sharing."
    Posted by Lux on "Obvs Sessions" by Purposelessness
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