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  • "We come from a dark abyss, we end in a dark abyss, and we call the luminous interval life. As soon as we are born the return begins, at once the setting forth and the coming back; we die in every moment"
    Posted by Sorrowful Jester on "Scar" by Roxxi
  • "Love it! I like how emotional your poem is. I like how you don't care about size. So you probably won't end up writing bullshit to make it longer (I hate fillers, they only make your poem longer, but they --most of the times-- are at least mediocre, and ruining it. I could show you one of mine as an example. When you start saying (while reading it for the first time) something in the lines of "ooh this is goooooood", you find one of those filler verses and say something like "why? why would he add this? Did he get a stroke, or is this a filler?" then again you say something like "hmmm, interesting", and so it goes.... on and on and on..... I love it. Don't add more verses if you don't feel like doing it or if the feeling you had while typing it is lost. You, probably, don't want to make it look like it was written by two people. "
    Posted by Sorrowful Jester on "Razor" by Roxxi
  • "I'm not sure if your comment was good or bad for me. Made start making crazy thoughts again. Although it's a comment that brings hope. Maybe de-evolution (an oxymoron term that I tend to use often lately) isn't happening after all. Maybe I just chanced upon the wrong kind of people. Also I was wondering about that "2 poems with the same name; the same night": are they by the same person? If not, it's pretty common for people who've been writing for a long time, but just found the courage to publish their work. Took a decade to post any of my work (part of it being I'm a bad poet), and around 6 years to start using a real photo of myself."
    Posted by Sorrowful Jester on "Gnarled" by Roxxi
  • "I'll bookmark this one so that I re-read it later, because I'm in no condition (in my opinion) of judging poetry. So I could give you my opinion on it --more constructive critique that just "I liked it". That is if you'd like to, I've been looking for one but I only criticism that contains no arguments or reasoning especially for the little things (why you chose this word instead of that word, et cetera). Surely, I guess that even "I love it" / "I hate it" type of comments help. Also trying to interpret you work is a sign that someone really read it, but they don't help me as much as the critique I'm looking for."
    Posted by Sorrowful Jester on "Gnarled" by Roxxi
  • "And one last thing. DO NOT add verses just as filler in series. Don't ruin a good poem, if you don't have more good ideas by adding mediocre verses to make it longer. I do it sometimes, and I hate myself for doing it. Good job!"
    Posted by Sorrowful Jester on "Gnarled" by Roxxi
  • "Thank you for sharing a poem full of metaphors / symbolisms with us. A lot of us have been there, and this one brings feeling and memories in mind better than pictures / videos / et cetera. I wish EVERYONE (including you, your family / friends / et cetera) a happy new year. May all of your wishes come true (be it health, true love, true happiness, et cetera). Just keep in mind that money / fortune is not the means of acquiring those, but could be used as; tool to acquire them. We seek fortune only in favor something else, because fortune will not bring us any goods by itself, but only when using it --whether is it for the support of the body, or of any other similar reason. Now, the highest good is sought for it's sake and not for the sake of something else. So this essentially means that fortune is not the highest good of humans."
    Posted by Sorrowful Jester on "Gnarled" by Roxxi
  • "I usually don't like it when people try to interpret poems. Spoils most of the fun for me. This comment though I don't mind. Been there, done that. Good poem, great comment!"
    Posted by Sorrowful Jester on "Gnarled" by Roxxi
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