Comments by soul_versing

  • "My heart throbs, my upmost condolences. While this piece pulled on my heartstrings, it was written beautifully. .hugs&love. 🖤💋"
    Posted by soul_versing on "su amada" by Magdalena
  • "Soft, delicate and endearing. Yet, the wave of emotion deafening in my wake. I too, know this hurt. .sigh. Flawless and honouring piece, love💋"
    Posted by soul_versing on "sunday memory" by Magdalena
  • "As heartening as this is, you brought beauty to the wilted landscape. My heart truly goes out to you as I know this wasn't an easy write. You have this spirit in your writing that makes me want to conform to your every sway as you pen... and that's a beautiful quality. You, are a beautiful person and you've made me feel so much through this piece. I commend your strength. -Bows to you"
    Posted by soul_versing on "the fading of you" by Magdalena
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