Comments by Cwn Annwn

  • "This describes EVERYTHING about math so perfectly.... I've had day dreams like that sitting in math class. Great write ~gone~"
    Posted by Cwn Annwn on "Math" by Jenni
  • "That may be the only reason i might actually thank god for something lol ~GoNe~"
    Posted by Cwn Annwn on "Magic Herb" by Psyko
  • "Hmmmm...I dont know what to say...but you did a great job finding things to relate feelings to..if that makes any sence...."
    Posted by Cwn Annwn on "Weighed and Measured" by -Oz-
  • ""lives change, people don't" What? I think people do change...I think you underwent a change yourself"
    Posted by Cwn Annwn on "Ashes" by -Oz-
  • ""there is not expression for the sorrow i find sad" I know this feeling. A wonderful write and its one of the few that rhyme :)~GoNe~"
    Posted by Cwn Annwn on "A Mad Mad Mad World" by -Oz-
  • "wow...I love the harmony in this..."away we fly, graceful together" WONDERFUL WRITE. LOVE IT~GoNe~"
    Posted by Cwn Annwn on "Wings" by Lord Kalgalath
  • "I love this ending. It spraypaintings my heart-strings with deep thoughts...yay..AWSOME write *.*~GoNe!"
    Posted by Cwn Annwn on "Good Night Kiss" by -Oz-
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