Comments by midnights voice

  • "Faded verses , reminds me of the poet ,"Faded Blues" fondly remembered on such a historic day . I envision the word "steel" instead of "steal" . For cold as steel always took my breath away . Crushing oceans are deep and dark and very mysterious , full of unknown creatures worse than any nightmare . Comes complete with "Weather Report" , their CD/song "Heavy Weather" . Oh I guess for the simple minded we can all just "Paint It Black""
    Posted by midnights voice on "...Poetic Chaos (World Poetry Day) " by SolApathy
  • "Math major ? Surely your calculations have a negative outcome for mankind And somehow prophetic . Where have I heard the word apocalypse before . Was it Mad Magazine or Bevis and Butthead or the latest WHite House Press meeting ."
    Posted by midnights voice on "...Contaminant " by SolApathy
  • "Ever notice how songs suddenly become intensely personal when one has a catastrophic loss or emotional turmoil . Extreme hate could triger the same . At first it is music but with years passing they become poems ."
    Posted by midnights voice on "...Marooned" by SolApathy
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