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  • "Much love to the dp family. It's appreciated that a notice has been given. I, much like many others hope it doesn't come to that. I'll do what I can asap. In the meantime, I'll be saving my works just in case. ~RTBH~"
    Posted by RoseTheBrokenHearted on "Server Update Announcement" by DarkPoet
  • "Bless! I admit I was nervous to branch out my style from what we're all used to from myself, but seeing your feedback has helped me to remember that change is as beautiful as it can be scary. So, as always, thank you greatly for your kind words -RTBH"
    Posted by RoseTheBrokenHearted on "My Wish " by RoseTheBrokenHearted
  • "I'm definitely holding onto it and don't plan on letting this go. Truly the first time my feelings have been reciprocated and I couldn't be any more grateful for it. Thank you for the kind words and the advice! -RTBH "
    Posted by RoseTheBrokenHearted on "The Skeptic " by RoseTheBrokenHearted
  • "This one was specifically meant for a friend where we decided to attempt to pursue a relationship. I got attached in ways that he couldn't and that's a-okay :) He challenged me in all of the best ways possible c: But, if it had been about anyone else, I definitely would have felt the need to tell you that you're right. Thank you for your feedback! -RTBH"
    Posted by RoseTheBrokenHearted on "For If My Name Isn't Rose" by RoseTheBrokenHearted
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