Comments by violetdarkness

  • "thank you :) i am indeed the lucky one to have someone very special to write a poem about. she's the reason why my pen moves :)"
    Posted by violetdarkness on "Rose" by violetdarkness
  • "thanks for the wonderful comment haunt! same here! i can imagine people wearing black with their umbrellas under the rain during the parade. so gloomy and so dark! it's how death should be celebrated. a gloomy celebration under the sky lamenting."
    Posted by violetdarkness on "A gloomy scene" by violetdarkness
  • "haunted, i really appreciate your comments. so overwhelming in a goodway. and im so glad you were haunted reading this. thanks so much and i'll be waiting for the book! :) "
    Posted by violetdarkness on "Flat line" by violetdarkness
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