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  • "She did not. She did however get a restraining order on me stating that she was terrified of me. She said that she had come around the side of the truck, pulled on me, slapped me, screaming at me, and that I made no notice that she was even there."
    Posted by Nefarious_Misery on "Seeing Red (non fiction)" by Nefarious_Misery
  • "I remember asking the judge one simple question. What if that were your wife, your daughter? Thank you both for reading and commenting - both are very flattering and I appreciate you taking the time to read this rather long piece."
    Posted by Nefarious_Misery on "Seeing Red (non fiction)" by Nefarious_Misery
  • "Discipline should always be done out of love and teaching, never out of anger or rage. At one point when punishing my children my daughter told me she was going to call the cops if I spanked her. I informed her that I was more than willing to go to jail to prove a point."
    Posted by Nefarious_Misery on "The Text Generation" by Nefarious_Misery
  • "Thanks guys for reading and commenting. This piece is disturbingly true of my youth. I didn't care who I used as long as I got what I wanted, this mantra is was keeps me (as a father now) up at night."
    Posted by Nefarious_Misery on "Used (This Moment)" by Nefarious_Misery
  • "Thank you all for reading and commenting. You all grasped the initial idea of this piece so well. Can a word, a poem, a story, an IDEA become like a virus spreading throughout society? The whole work came from this one thought. "
    Posted by Nefarious_Misery on "Mediocrity" by Nefarious_Misery
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