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  • "At one point in my life I racked a shotgun with a 12 gauge round & ate the barrel, pulling the trigger. The safety was on and I broke down crying; slapping myself in the face like WTF is wrong with you man? I've always had a love and admiration for life, and sharing happiness, joy, laughter, sciences and everything else in the far recesses of my mind with everyone I can. I'm not sure what made me break down so bad, I mean I do but that was long ago when I've grown since. Glad you're still here, I know I am. Well-writ."
    Posted by sTr8-jAcKeT on "Suicidal Thoughts" by totallyalone
  • "Both sexes unfortunately deal with the same scenario, I myself have gone through this several times. It's never fun, but at least we start to learn even if they're tiny scales added on with miles of time ahead of them until our armors complete. Thanks for this brief reminder of that light."
    Posted by sTr8-jAcKeT on "Wasted Feelings" by totallyalone
  • "While the feelings here are very truth, it always feels depressing to think, or more accurately realize the solid stone truths to ourselves; even if it's the only thing we see or want to accept as the truth. I wish everybody could just be real, everybody probably wishes that lies were never made, and that evil never existed. Accurate sonnance, well done. "
    Posted by sTr8-jAcKeT on "Lost, Never Found" by totallyalone
  • "I'm sorry there isn't an answer inside, yet still carry on with strengthening stride. We are but vessels for a short time, others can use or repair these broken ships but in the end we are the ones setting the course, how diligent we are in the adventure can only make the journey better. Stay strong friend, you're beautiful."
    Posted by sTr8-jAcKeT on "Ruined" by totallyalone
  • "Stand strong and carry on, collapse or see conflict through; there is might where it's not right how we end up treated all the time. Regardless of the overwhelming odds, we must continue to exist or else; why be? Motivationally moving, kudos."
    Posted by sTr8-jAcKeT on "Cower" by totallyalone
  • "Such beautiful imagery, crimson splotches of acceptance & release. I've experienced focused, disciplined cutting foe the sake of love, scarification & devotion. I prefer the healing feeling afterwards, the itch & from Witchhazel burns. Thank you for this sanguine success. Beautifully dressed in a naked tub."
    Posted by sTr8-jAcKeT on "Bleed" by totallyalone
  • "It haunts us when we realized how much of ourselves we become all alone, without the layers of love that someone else has added on. Blurred lines of self & un-self, where does the other person end when we look in the mirror? The pearl line is my favorite by far, closest to this exostenstial relation. Keep up the good work."
    Posted by sTr8-jAcKeT on "His Angel" by totallyalone
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