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  • "yeah.. i havent written anything in ages, so at least it's something..."
    Posted by yslehc on "Haven" by yslehc
  • "you made that drunk? haha... i love the new format, it's creepy.. not that your writes arent always creepy. i bet you could do a really cool longer one with this kind of format.. hehe lovely job my dear. "
    Posted by yslehc on "Triolet #1: I Had An Axe" by SilentStalker
  • "hooooly crap you were right :P i think we must be going through the exact same thing.. you express things better lol... i just screamed out a rant, you wrote a beautiful poem. awesome job, depressing situation, i know.."
    Posted by yslehc on "So She Cries For Both" by Simply Me
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