Comments by Hands_Around_My_Throat

  • "We can spend our whole lives trying to repair damage that somebody else imparted on is. This was really beautifully written. Unfortunately we can’t change the past, only ourselves. And even then, you need time and space to heal. Just don’t be afraid to leave. To cut ties with toxic people, blood bound or otherwise and flee. And be kind to yourself. "
    Posted by Hands_Around_My_Throat on "intimacy." by Flavorless
  • "I am the monster you made me- I love it. It's so rare that people realize how heavily the now is influenced by those defining events. And there will be a day that you reap what you sow. "
    Posted by Hands_Around_My_Throat on "...Vicious Dreams " by SolApathy
  • "Desolation. True and utter destruction. This poem details someone being crippled by pain, and the meter and rhyme was to die for! I hope you write on."
    Posted by Hands_Around_My_Throat on "BROKEN" by Zhee
  • "Been there. Not a fun place. It hurts even more that its all usually a result of being in an emotionally stifling environment from the get go. I'm glad you came to terms with everything. I enjoyed this "
    Posted by Hands_Around_My_Throat on "Hello again mirror" by horrorchantenshi
  • ""inglorious goddess – elegant trash" I loved the way this rolled off the tongue, and how it spread out varying perspectives on the same scene. The way one might feel in the moment, and how one may reflect on everything."
    Posted by Hands_Around_My_Throat on "angel in chains" by FadedBlues
  • "Solace and solitude walk arm and arm. But without the acute fear of things loved- lost, you are doing yourself a cold detriment. No love no pain, but it's double sided, because being without love is also a kind of pain. Interesting. I also loved the alliterations. "
    Posted by Hands_Around_My_Throat on "Winter rain" by torn_beauty
  • "I like to put myself into a poem, and reap the emotional benefits and deficits. I feel like I've been here too. I just have to wonder if comfort is mistaken for happiness, though."
    Posted by Hands_Around_My_Throat on "chaos" by Sketso
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