Comments by whisperingwalls

  • " With that being said, this piece should be taken in all seriousness. I read your mother tongue was Spanish, so here are a few typos I noticed: imminent* Rememberance* as opposed to remember. sown* as opposed to sowned. I would choose call (fall of the scythe) as opposed to roar; A poet should be definitive... but that is only my opinion. Overcome* no need for (s) Once again, powerful work.. clear these typos and the read will be much smoother and able to appreciate the content."
    Posted by whisperingwalls on "Soho Mihi!" by Nimue44
  • "Felt as if the poem was speaking to me, pulling me in, rather than a simple read. Kept me enthralled throughout. "
    Posted by whisperingwalls on "Soho Mihi!" by Nimue44
  • ""They will realize that time and wind are cunning thieves." Enthralling work, pristine flow that allows the content to mesmerize"
    Posted by whisperingwalls on "Cunning Waltz" by Nimue44
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