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  • "Fear has a new name TM, and it inhabits that cabinet of bad habits it seems. Nicely done my friend, and cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Monday" by tmanzano
  • "A kindred spirit or an inner self: works both ways. Meanwhile, we maximize the minimums on a march towards tomorrow. Good to read you again my friend and cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "A whammo ending to an easy-going scence, set skillfully by you my friend. We are all walking wounded. Cheers and happy new years TM - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Tormented Musicians " by tmanzano
  • "The Facebook simulacrum of a persona perhaps, or an illusion shattered of a soul hungry survivor, looking for an anchor while adrift on an aimless sea of virtual reality. The AI bots will destroy humankind as we all fall victim. Cheers my friend - we are spread too thinly - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Semblance of Me" by tmanzano
  • "What an exhausting journey in the taut telling of another's depravity and the aftermath that will always linger. Darkly done with a unique style that won't let go of the reader. Cheers my friend! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Midnight To Tucson" by tmanzano
  • "Nicely closing the yarn as it looped back to the opening TM. Perhaps he was just one of the lost sheep; having strayed far from the flock. This characterization was an unexpected pleasure with high marks for originality. Cheers my friend! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Colder Than You" by tmanzano
  • "I'm guessing that "without looking" might have been an additional closing line, but the element of uncertainty lingers... Nicely done reminiscence, and too bad we can't get a do-over or two along the way. Cheers my friend TM - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Just Before I Go" by tmanzano
  • "The passing of another, that will be remembered in those little ways that embodied them perhaps. A striking characterization TM - cheers! - Dan "
    Posted by dwells on "Succession" by tmanzano
  • "Catnip always works for me TM :) Enjoyed the use of the feline analogy since "metaphor" was already aptly applied by MS before me. Kitties just looking for a treat before moving-on; so true - cheers! - Dan "
    Posted by dwells on "Medicating the Cat" by tmanzano
  • "An all-consuming conflagration that only the consummation can mollify - until next time. Well-said and cheers TM! - Dam"
    Posted by dwells on "An Ardent Flame " by tmanzano
  • "A severe and starkly surreal examination of self; as more pet-like than personable perhaps TM. A clever device, effective as both a simile, and apology perhaps. Cheers! - Dan "
    Posted by dwells on "Get out of here" by tmanzano
  • "A foray into the underbelly of insanity. Logically and monstrously portrayed in all its subtleties and personalized to perfection TM. Think I'll go wash my face now my friend :) Cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Thorazine Shuffle" by tmanzano
  • "A storm of desire always needs a good quenching. Unpredictable and extemporaneous make for some memorable meetings. Enjoyed your soft rhymes and the smell precedes the rainfall curiously - cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Smell of Rain" by tmanzano
  • "A surprise ending to give the reader a jarring jolt of OMG! Wonderfully set up TM and you should have used the straps. Still chuckling over the high traffic pattern area of the carpet. Shags were the worst - cheers! - Dan"
    Posted by dwells on "Vintage Luggage" by tmanzano
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