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  • "Don't really agree with your conclusion. Abortion is a heavy weight to bear, but then I'm probably guessing wrong again, cheers!"
    Posted by dwells on "Wrong turn" by ladyofsorrow
  • "Terrible and hope this was only a work of fiction. Eight kids, doubly tragic. Hoping life is being good to you now and thanks for sharing."
    Posted by dwells on "I love you always" by ladyofsorrow
  • "Don't play with matches now, at least there's a roof over your head. Tomorrow will be better, eventually, cheers. Welcome to DP."
    Posted by dwells on "Home Sweet Home" by ladyofsorrow
  • "Hi and not sure now if typos or spelling, perhaps spellchecker would help in the future? Here are the correct words (I think) and you are a good sport thanks: weeps, too weak, hoping, praying, bear, leaving, cruel - cheers!"
    Posted by dwells on "The pain that River feels " by ladyofsorrow
  • "Hi and if I may a few typos tripped me up, but not so much as to detract from the raw emotion in this piece and the picture you painted with the words. Brought back sad memories of River Phoenix for some reason, cheers!"
    Posted by dwells on "The pain that River feels " by ladyofsorrow
  • "Think you might have left something out of the penultimate line ("no one left" maybe?). Much enjoyed as was hoping to see the little ones but alas it was not to be. They must be well-mannered to have their own plates too. This was great, thanks and welcome to DP!"
    Posted by dwells on "The children are ready to feed" by ladyofsorrow
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