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  • "Not sure intelligence is quite the right word but then again knowledge unapplied is indeed lost wisdom, well said all around Shawn!"
    Posted by dwells on "Space Age" by Alchemist
  • "Mothers never get the credit they deserve for keeping us from becoming savages - cheers Shawn!"
    Posted by dwells on "Dawn & Dusk" by Alchemist
  • "But I always listen to Micheal Savage and Mark Levin on weeknights! Cheers Shawn and thanks for this magical mystery tour. Digging the philosophies, thanks!"
    Posted by dwells on "Kintsukuroi " by Alchemist
  • "There is an Aesop's Fable about the raven and the pitcher of water with the narrow neck. He dropped pebbles inside to raise the water level and get a drink. Enjoyed this re-arranging and fluidly shape-shifting piece, but gave up near the end and just let it take me. Thanks Shawn!"
    Posted by dwells on "Burnt Shadows" by Alchemist
  • "I think the last word should be "necrosis" to carry the rhyme, somehow... Meanwhile you are depressing me deeper with such a fatalistic and futuristic view that will most assuredly is about and becoming true, thanks Shawn!"
    Posted by dwells on "Song of Power " by Alchemist
  • "The mathematics of the spheres, very musical and beautiful in the simplicity of perfection perhaps, thanks."
    Posted by dwells on "Poetry in Motion" by Alchemist
  • "Sounds good to me Shawn, but "held in toe" I believe means dragging along as "in tow". Anyway this was a lightly disparaging piece on all professional protesters that seem to be proliferating, cheers!"
    Posted by dwells on "Rebel Without A Cause ~Paradelle~" by Alchemist
  • "If only they would quit trying to fashion our world into a utopian paradise of their own design, with them in control, naturally, cheers! "
    Posted by dwells on "Parasites of Paradise" by Alchemist
  • "An interesting theme her, and perhaps a reference to the lion of Narnia too (can't recall his name). So the Gods are just jerking us around for their amusement - and the all knowing stuff is a bunch of bunk. Someday we'll know for sure, maybe, cheers! "
    Posted by dwells on "Wanton Sublunary" by Alchemist
  • "Some wonderful thoughts and give her a big one when that ball drops! Cheers Shawn and marvelous metaphor too!"
    Posted by dwells on "Eons on the Canvas" by Alchemist
  • "Pride goest before the fall - and we can no longer be, or should be, the policeman of the world's misadventures, cheers!"
    Posted by dwells on "One Republic" by Alchemist
  • "Yessiree, and so unique and descriptive, the thoughts and images became a flood of delight, thanks Shawn, well done"
    Posted by dwells on "The Rhinoceros" by Alchemist
  • "Dam, that's right bro, just like in days of olde. A double meaning that has always bothered me until you shed some light on it, thanks pal!"
    Posted by dwells on "Argiope the Zen Master" by Alchemist
  • "An old quote comes to mind: something along the lines of "unrewarded geniuses are legion, and live a life of frustration and unappreciation - meanwhile to succeed, slow and steady wins the race. Not very exciting, but effective as a survival technique. Cheers!"
    Posted by dwells on "Curseverance" by Alchemist
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