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  • "This is one of my favorite comments I've ever received and truly, thank you, friend. I love it when people get into the sort of different patterns I find entertaining myself, like only reading red. I once read all white then red ;) And as to the work itself, it took a lot out of me, I feel. Thanks again, Samael."
    Posted by Sudos on "Know Demons Again (Orig. Part I)" by Sudos
  • "I went to a deep place in the mind for several hours on this one. I rarely get the word epic and yes it has some epic feels attached. Thanks and your kindness is valued."
    Posted by Sudos on "Know Demons Again (Orig. Part I)" by Sudos
  • "Your words are a welcome warmth to me and thank you so much for taking the time."
    Posted by Sudos on "October's Chill" by Sudos
  • "A thought provoking statement and high praise. Thanks, Cattarax."
    Posted by Sudos on "Dark Hearts" by Sudos
  • "I feel like this is a pattern and a certain state of mind I chase in writing constantly. This one seemed to come out in a unique way for me. Thanks for noticing!"
    Posted by Sudos on "Call It Bliss" by Sudos
  • "I really love your take on my words and I thanks for the compliments! There is a whirlwind of feel to this, half of which I can't really express yet. One day..."
    Posted by Sudos on "Set This Sun" by Sudos
  • "I chase the beauty I see and feel in every word. Your kindness is much appreciated."
    Posted by Sudos on "Just Us" by Sudos
  • "I always get into the way things sound, especially when read aloud, so I go from there. I like little twists of the tongue and taking stabs at cosmic imagery to feels."
    Posted by Sudos on "Smooth Ocean" by Sudos
  • "Thanks for your time! I start writing and can't stop doing this frequently so I just let it out and share little. It's fun."
    Posted by Sudos on "Smooth Ocean" by Sudos
  • "I must say it is more than wonderful, my friend, and that you care to visit these feels with me for a moment is heartfelt."
    Posted by Sudos on "Serenity" by Sudos
  • "Thanks so much! To inspire feeling in another is a privilege to be honored."
    Posted by Sudos on "H.M.U." by Sudos
  • "Always a pleasure to catch your eye and beckon your time. Much appreciated!"
    Posted by Sudos on "H.M.U." by Sudos
  • "Your words forever stand as warmth to cold souls. We both keep you in mind and follow your work! You are an inspiration to many but to me personally, one of my main here in this community."
    Posted by Sudos on "H.M.U." by Sudos
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