Comments by Sudos

  • "The imagery draws one into the dream and waking just the same. The grey words were also a nice addition to the mental scene. Nice work!"
    Posted by Sudos on "Sun Upon Me." by TheProphetUntold
  • "This one speaks to me from a dark and lonely place. Well done."
    Posted by Sudos on "Boxed Up" by Abberant
  • "This is one of my favorite comments I've ever received and truly, thank you, friend. I love it when people get into the sort of different patterns I find entertaining myself, like only reading red. I once read all white then red ;) And as to the work itself, it took a lot out of me, I feel. Thanks again, Samael."
    Posted by Sudos on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "I went to a deep place in the mind for several hours on this one. I rarely get the word epic and yes it has some epic feels attached. Thanks and your kindness is valued."
    Posted by Sudos on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "Thanks for noticing! I am currently working on music too, so eventually I will get there!"
    Posted by Sudos on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "Brothers indeed and your message is kindly taken. I don't invest much into religion but always appreciate the better parts of each."
    Posted by Sudos on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "Hearing that really warms my heart and I very much appreciate you as a person, a writer and friend. I put my every waking moment into words."
    Posted by Sudos on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "I love the structure and the overall flow is perfect. Truly, magnificent work."
    Posted by Sudos on "the L word" by vamp_111
  • "Your words are a welcome warmth to me and thank you so much for taking the time."
    Posted by Sudos on "October's Chill" by Sudos
  • "Very unique and creative imagery you have here. The hubris may know know bounds, but those bound in it's jet-black wraps may find themselves hindered permanently. Nice work."
    Posted by Sudos on "Cyclops Eye" by Hope in despair
  • "I love the flood of imagery throughout your works so far. This one leaves me in thought of nature and pondering, not only my own, but all our places in it's overwhelmingly beautiful, mysterious flow. The way that feels, flowers and beas become analogous with the chaotic nature of romance... This is an exceptional write! "
    Posted by Sudos on "Hesitation" by Jonas Robinson
  • "A thought provoking statement and high praise. Thanks, Cattarax."
    Posted by Sudos on "Dark Hearts" by Sudos
  • "I feel like this is a pattern and a certain state of mind I chase in writing constantly. This one seemed to come out in a unique way for me. Thanks for noticing!"
    Posted by Sudos on "Call It Bliss" by Sudos
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