Comments by Locke

  • "There is nothing comparable to handing your heart over to someone careless. I hope you have found what you are looking for by now. Much love, Locke."
    Posted by Locke on "not another suicide poem" by ColorMeToxic
  • "The truth can be a brutal thing and you've managed to portray it very passively. The feeling here you've captured strikes home and I'm certain I am not the only one feeling that way. Great work."
    Posted by Locke on "I've Got A Secret" by LovelyUndead
  • "Realizing the world for what it is... understanding people for what they are and comprehending the universe and your own grand scheme within it... this is what i felt from reading this."
    Posted by Locke on "Admiration" by Virgils Vigil
  • "I was never taught fear as a child and don't plan on teaching it to my own. I've seen many other people loaded up with fear and thank my parents for helping me think outside that box. Fear in paranormal and such is just a waste of thought as far as im concerned."
    Posted by Locke on "Children And Monsters In The Night" by Malcholm Dark
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