Comments by Digital Dart

  • "Very true and well put, 13. Facing demons is what I do for a living, apparently. What I live for, even. I can't always bring myself to share my work and this was a tough one... Much thanks for your reading and input!"
    Posted by Digital Dart on "Rose Color My Glasses" by Digital Dart
  • "Same here, although my denial is strong. Capturing this shit I'm going through, attaching thousands of metaphors to it, and building up to this chaotic breakdown hits me like an end-of-all comet. As to how it relates... thank you, Just Dave."
    Posted by Digital Dart on "Rose Color My Glasses" by Digital Dart
  • "First responder, I shall paint your essence as an alabaster-clad nurse with inverted halos playing ring-toss around my head. I appreciate you *heart beats synchronize*"
    Posted by Digital Dart on "Rose Color My Glasses" by Digital Dart
  • "F0Rg1v3 M3 was my working title I forgot to update after I thought of 'August Nothings' to sort of go along with another of my works entitled 'Autumn Waves'. "
    Posted by Digital Dart on "August Nothings" by Digital Dart
  • "Again and again. From one steady flow into a bittersweet ending. An ugly goodbye as seen through one aspect, may well have been the most beautiful thing ever witnessed to another... Sweetly we break. Good work!"
    Posted by Digital Dart on "Ugly Goodbyes" by RoseTheBrokenHearted
  • "Thank you! The intent of that was to carry the pace of breathlessness and encapsulate the amazing feeling that a special kind of person can inspire in another. "
    Posted by Digital Dart on "Autumn Waves" by Digital Dart
  • "As we go through the process of honing a feeling, the ways in which it can be felt and described are limitless. The interpretations boundless. I appreciate your understanding."
    Posted by Digital Dart on "Better Yet ~" by Digital Dart
  • "As I read this, I found myself imagining the point of view of a grasshopper. Your imagery took me on a brief hop through that grass next to the glossy lake. Thanks for sharing!"
    Posted by Digital Dart on "Meditation " by Jonas Robinson
  • "I feel and understand this on every level I believe, Sorrowful Jester. As to your authors note, I think a series of short poems exploring this would be amazing but a book would be equally amazing. I vote poems, however, because you have a way of speaking volumes with short lines."
    Posted by Digital Dart on "The Abyss" by Sorrowful Jester
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