Comments by Devilish

  • "Damn your good. and you know it. i love it, so shawn i read somewhere you were gonna make me back up all my talk.. come here lil boy, i lost my puppy.. think you can help me find him.. "
    Posted by Devilish on "Parasites of Paradise" by Alchemist
  • "Damn! I would be a lil nervous hanging out with you when your i love you and your poetry shawn."
    Posted by Devilish on "Zephyr Trinkets" by Alchemist
  • "Shawn!! Why do you do this to me?.. I felt way to many human emotions at the same time.. Where did you get the inspiration for this from?.. I'm dying to know what was behind this?. WOW!! Ive always and still do believe that no good deed goes unpunished... this is amazing.."
    Posted by Devilish on "The Bear and the Bee" by Alchemist
  • "Shawn you never ever fail me.. It took a while for me to fav you because i'm stuborn if thats how you spell it but your sooo fuckin worthy.. This Here miss Magdelena is quite the poet herself.. you should definitly check her out.. much love to you..."
    Posted by Devilish on "Nowhere Land" by Alchemist
  • "Fuckin beautiful shawn... As always... Glad to see you more.. You float my boat.."
    Posted by Devilish on "Fire Bug" by Alchemist
  • "I had forgotten how good you were.. Awe yes the level of talent has been missed... I won't mkiss anything else... Mark my words....I'm lovin it!"
    Posted by Devilish on "Disgustingly Beautiful" by Alchemist
  • "Are you fucking kidding me? WOW!!! I need to start paying more attention to your skills ... This is bad ass!!!"
    Posted by Devilish on "Eulogy" by Alchemist
  • "DAMN THIS WAS FUCKING BEAUTIFUL!!! This right here is a mutha fuckin priceless ass write!!! This should be posted at every front and back door to every desire of the wire! I'm fucking impressed shawn... Every fuckin line hit the nail right on the head... *Bows*"
    Posted by Devilish on "Addiction" by Alchemist
  • "Hell fuckin yeah! I love it! Rock me tonight! How sweeeeet.... I have no choice but to emerge, All of my dreams depend on this FUCKIN urge!!! Thats' hot!"
    Posted by Devilish on "Snake Oil Sonnet" by Alchemist
  • "OutfuckingStanding!!! A breath of fresh air... I "Love" the fuck out of a poet that comes like this! I'm proud to wecome you to DarkPoetry! Stay! So I can show you how much..."
    Posted by Devilish on "Assassin" by Alchemist
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