Comments by Drea

  • "This is one of your best. This felt so grand. Your words always carry such weight. "
    Posted by Drea on "Death Throes" by dwells
  • "I always look forward to your writes. This was spot on. When I read your words I always feel like I'm watching... Observing society through different eyes. The truth in your writes makes them that much more intense. "
    Posted by Drea on "Tumor for Your Thoughts?" by dwells
  • "The rhythm of this leads itself to the words. The way you use metaphors and weave truth into your writes is beyond me. " Unknowing that we are the prey With udders full and dripping We never saw the hidden hand The cattle prod was gripping" All of that is good. "
    Posted by Drea on "Pasture.ized" by dwells
  • "For me the 4th stanza was pretty perfect. I'm always taken aback by how damn clever and intelligent your writes are. As I was reading this i found myself thinking about Darwinism, only to see it as one of your tags. Dan, this was good. "
    Posted by Drea on "Snipped" by dwells
  • "I've read this at least 6 times. I begin to type out a comment, but nothing seems to sum up just how much I love this. So, I think I'll keep it. Just a small way to show how much I appreciate this. "
    Posted by Drea on "Two Feet Bad* Sonnet" by dwells
  • "I found a comfort in these words. I was reminded of the final days of my great grandma. You captured so much here. My condolences. "
    Posted by Drea on "For Mom (villanelle)" by dwells
  • "Dan, this was great. It had this way of making me feel uncomfortable (in a great way), but flowed with such visuals. This is one of my favorites from you. Write on, sir."
    Posted by Drea on "The Caretaker" by dwells
  • "I am truly a fan. This has such emotion and the visuals are amazing. I'm envious of the way you convey such a punch with not many words. Write on. "
    Posted by Drea on "Iconoclast II" by dwells
  • "I would like to think there is something bigger than us out there. I don't know what it is, maybe it's just hope. Either way I'll take it. This was an eye opening read. The way you use take words and stitched them to weave something I'd expect to read in some religious text and made them fit perfectly into the world now. That takes skill. "
    Posted by Drea on "The House of Man" by dwells
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