Comments by Poetic-Realm

  • "Reminds me of a dream I had once in some ways. I was chasing a man who stole my child and he went out into the deep forest and as I went out to chase him a figure much like the one you explained here came forward. I pulled a necklace with something round on the end and spun it around clockwise with my elbow locked and suddenly started speaking weird tongues before I woke up. I couldn't stop it."
    Posted by Poetic-Realm on "The Procession of Flames." by TheProphetUntold
  • "I like how there is a holding out of hope for a better day at the end of this even if so much of it is wrapped in negativity. I think that glimmer of hope is a beautiful thing to hold onto."
    Posted by Poetic-Realm on "...Tempest" by SolApathy
  • "I always loved that song. I think I liked Jose Gonzalez' original version better, but this one is definitely great as well. Didn't they do one that was more electronic as well? Don't let the blood engulf you. You can rise above it, if you want to. If you want to find the better way it will always be there."
    Posted by Poetic-Realm on "...Poetic...Shards " by SolApathy
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