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  • "I agree. That's the part thtat struck me about this piece. At first I was caught in the idea of sobriety and intoxication as a dualist nature. Upon reflection, instead it's the being caught between doing for others and doing for self that presents this duality. Hence; to try. So subversive. What a great piece."
    Posted by Crush_With_Eyeliner on "tearing down the destructionist" by past tense
  • "To add further to what Anth mentioned about specific placement..the first two lines of the second main stanza are fantastic. The second line in particular, with a use of double alliteration on soft consonants...that's tricky right there. I'm keen on the idea too..."the journey" cliched a metaphor as it is, it still rings true. Praxis, I guess we could call it...we can look in any direction, but really only travel in one."
    Posted by Crush_With_Eyeliner on "A Hundred Highways..." by jonLyndon
  • "Hmmm...I wondered if the bookend would's hard to conceive of these things with just a pen and paper... i also like your elipses...but I should tell you I stopped at the lips..."
    Posted by Crush_With_Eyeliner on "Redhead" by Crush_With_Eyeliner
  • ""How preternatural is this torment."...the culmination is bittersweet....for all the agony we'd expect something beyond true or real....but there is only torment."
    Posted by Crush_With_Eyeliner on "love.SICK" by Enigmaelstrom
  • "Then I shall consider my goal accomplished. I know we've spoken about this before...I came across a great quote from Hermann Hesse..I've been immersed in his books (again) for about a month now.. This is from the introduction to Steppenwolf.. "Poetic writing can be understood and misunderstood in many ways. In most cases the author is not the right authority to decide on where the reader ceases to understand and the misunderstanding begins. Many an author has found readers to whom his work seemed more lucid than it was to himself. Moreover, misunderstandings can be fruitful under certain circumstances." I read that earlier tonight and immediately thought about you. I take great comfort in the fact that this experience was meaningful to you, whether it be on an intellectual or emotional level. "
    Posted by Crush_With_Eyeliner on "an offer, declined" by Crush_With_Eyeliner
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