Comments by ColorMeToxic

  • ":( I'm sorry. This made me tear up as I too, miss my grandpa. (papaw) "
    Posted by ColorMeToxic on "grandpa" by Nemo
  • "Thank you...this has been a long time coming. I've permanently lost my mother due to this investigation. I personally feel if she has nothing to hide, she would hide nothing. There is no reason for her to be upset...unless she is guilty. "
    Posted by ColorMeToxic on "The Day That Changed My Life Forever" by ColorMeToxic
  • ""Trapped in this limbo just before the fall Trying to make sense of it all Before the real fear comes racing home Will I always be so goddam alone?" god, how I relate to this...great write. "
    Posted by ColorMeToxic on "The New Denial" by rwb35
  • ""Time for new scars" ...I relate to this...though probably not in the same way as you...If it isn't someone else beating me down, It's me beating myself down. Love it. Welcome to DP. -Beth"
    Posted by ColorMeToxic on "Never good at titles " by Decoy
  • "I love it. Reminds me of childhood at my grandparent's house...lamps were aplenty and always on in the evenings. Something peaceful and wonderful about those memories...thank you."
    Posted by ColorMeToxic on "Antique Mind" by lupus tenebrae
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