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  • "thanks for reading and commenting. i like your user name i've done a lot of studying on the Annunaki interesting story there. peace my friend"
    Posted by molock on "Evening the fall of day" by molock
  • "i agree Damien for that style of rock it doesn't get much better than that. i was reading an article the other day about Robert and Jimmy it looks like they're getting back in the studio together this year ...what a treat. if they tour anywhere near me i'm fuckin' goin'. you might know already but Robert released a Album about 5 or 6 months ago called "Carry Fire" with in 2 weeks one of the tracks reached the top 20 and only after a couple of months the Album was on the top 50 Album releases of 2017. any way as you can tell if i start talking about Zep i have a hard time stopping. just for the record and i know you know this but Chris Cornell and Audio Slave are the Led Zep reincarnate any best rock and roll singer discussion should start with either one of those guys. i'm gonna stop now i promise. later bro - m0 "
    Posted by molock on "Evening the fall of day" by molock
  • "Would you consider Robert Plant the greatest voice of all time? There have been some great leads in our time but I can't think of anyone who was better. The chemistry between him and Jimmy Page also might be the best of all time. I could go on all day about music but I think I'll listen to The Immigrant Song instead. Valhalla I am coming. Later Mo"
    Posted by Damien on "Evening the fall of day" by molock
  • "Oh , I so sad for your loss . She must have been a poet with the great gift of love . Thank you Natalie for reading and adding to the experience of my poem ."
    Posted by midnights voice on "Coincidentally" by midnights voice
  • "The ability to write a poem so short yet packed with meaning is something that eludes me. Well done. JD"
    Posted by Just Dave on "Love Is" by Lady_Ahz
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