Comments by maddin foxxxy

  • "Very poetical and enchanting . .every line just made me wonder what the next one would be like .. again I applaud to the magician of words."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "The Magician" by Stranger
  • "This somehow reflects the truth of my past...every word just hitted me back...amazing combination of the dramas of shame and sense of change as well..."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Three Confessions" by Stranger
  • ""I am a book without a spine Blowing naked in the wind"....the images and ideas just flow in my mind rapidly as you describe make incredible comparisons and metaphors which make waiting for your works worthwhile."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Remonstrance" by Stranger
  • "of truth as well. How wonderful of you to think this way. "I imagine I am waking from dream And that I will never feel the sudden..."....I can only say one word: incredible."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Escape" by Stranger
  • "To my surprise another work! My heart skipped a whole beat. I am fascinated at your dreams in an ocean made of wine and the whole world drunk and how you'd wish for you to be the universe....again this has drifted me into a land of fantasy and some sense "
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Escape" by Stranger
  • "Very descriptive in every image, sound and feeling...I really felt this one very deeply...I was waiting new poetry of yours since long...well done."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Sentence" by Stranger
  • "I had not read this carefully enough, but now that I did I am truly fascinated by each and every word...I am at loss of entire admiration is on this one."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Future Woman" by Stranger
  • "This is by farthest the greatest taste of fantasy and reality in a wonderful written work....I found myself there...without being woken from the loveliest of dreams..very nicely done."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on " R.E.A.L." by Stranger
  • "The ending is my absolute favorite part of the poem.."Letters and ink dropping to the floor Making no sound"....i am also fond of the great metaphor you developed so delicately."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "My Pen" by Stranger
  • "the whole write had a combination of tension and dizziness till it concludes as a release...i truly enjoyed this full of thought and feeling."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Carnival" by Stranger
  • "i smiled as i finished reading surely can create your surroundings twirling round my mind as a tempting song...enjoyed it muchly!"
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "The Nature of Things" by Stranger
  • "i could find myself watching as ppl faded like stars in the sky in my mind...i guess its a great way of seeing it...brilliant."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "End Game" by Stranger
  • "'s funny to read this because i've been wondering on dead poets all this past week...and well the whole poem captured me..."A light was calling me Telling me to leave behind my poems In an coffee can"'s a great job u've done here!"
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Forgotten Poets" by Stranger
  • "i am fond of this work...what an excellent metaphor..."But I am like an old hat or mask That was never really in style Left in a closet"...extremelly touching, sincere & simple."
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Chris" by Stranger
  • "i love this one to death...the night is such a sacrade place and time....nice job!!"
    Posted by maddin foxxxy on "Lucero" by Stranger
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