Comments by kaitoudark

  • "The thing is, I was never raised with any siblings that were old enough for me to converse with. This is about a girl who had become so important to me, well, she wrote this to prove just how much we truly mean to eachother. Brother and sister and so much more :)"
    Posted by kaitoudark on ""Harmony&Melody" -Daciana Evans" by kaitoudark
  • "its as if you dissected the very essence of it and brought reason to feeling. i love it, such explanation, I swear this nails it PERFECTLY, and yet, i love how there is no true explanation of it. definitely one of my favorites "
    Posted by kaitoudark on "On Love" by MercyRain
  • "never give your last shred of hope away, im in love with someone who almost has, its so dificult to get her from giving up, but the prospect of not trying is scarier than the nothingness of not"
    Posted by kaitoudark on ""Love makes life worthwhile."" by Bl3EDB1O0D
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