Comments by maggot death

  • "Wow.....I like the opposites in this poem, and it makes me realize how alone you are in the write.....pretty good write. The people of DP will appreciate you:) "
    Posted by maggot death on "can't even say" by Forsaken Me
  • "sometimes, its the remnant of the thought of your parents being together that causes the most pain. Do you know what im saying...? "
    Posted by maggot death on "Divorce" by maggot death
  • "I agree with urban humility. It is great to explain things in words as well as possible. I liked the write, and I hope you write more. This poem deserves to be the poem of the day:)"
    Posted by maggot death on "I am Afraid" by Spiritus_Frumenti
  • "well.....this is an interesting rant. One that enjoys the rain as much as is an extreme pleasure to have one of your kind here on DP:)"
    Posted by maggot death on "The waiting" by Scorn Me
  • "I agree with killswich. I liked this poem, and the emotion that came out of it. I also agree with tiger king......they basically said all that needs to be said. You're a great writer:)"
    Posted by maggot death on "like this. touch me " by sIo
  • "I agree with draven. I like this poem a lot, and I'm glad you are writing this....keep writing like this, because I will keep reading:)"
    Posted by maggot death on "The Melding" by Malcholm Dark
  • "well! pretty good! This poem explaines many people's feelings, and clearly and honestly deserves to be the poem of the day:)"
    Posted by maggot death on "silhouettes" by StAinedNblood
  • "wow! good love write. Is it love, romance,....other? Great write, overall. I specialize in love poems, and I'm glad to see a well written one here on DP:)"
    Posted by maggot death on "Girl, Your Smile" by carlosjackal
  • "Oh much pain...I can feel the emotions, soo deep...This poem deserves to be poem of the really does."
    Posted by maggot death on "Memories" by ellie
  • "! you really are determined! good way of making people feel your anger and misplacement...keep writing poetry this descriptive!"
    Posted by maggot death on "Mouse" by littleone
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