Comments by Dilated View

  • "Really interesting concept you've written about here. The years fly by and our presence here isn't even a blip. The idea of living on through the collective memory really struck a chord; not just "will we be remembered" but also "how will we be remembered" which always makes me try to be a better person (at least while I'm here). And the idea that we are unconsciously/subconsciously focused on making the most of our time here, knowing that we will end up back in an abyss waiting to end up back here for another blip is interesting. I wonder if that is why we dream? Anyway, very cool write, thanks for sharing :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "The Abyss" by Sorrowful Jester
  • "The back and forth imagery really worked well here. This left me wondering if it was a real person or a schizophrenic play pal, and the way you formatted this makes me wonder if that was the point. The flow kept me going from line to line with curiosity. Nicely done, write on! :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "The Nameless One" by Sorrowful Jester
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