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  • " I really enjoyed the word play and slightly off beat rhyme structure you used and I thought the message within was pretty beautiful. What a wonderful way to express passion, something not everyone always experiences quite this fully. Much enjoyed :) "
    Posted by Dilated View on "Serenity" by Sudos
  • "Those last lines make me wonder if you only meet in dream. For those who dream lucidly, I imagine the possibilities are endless. Some people speak of group lucidity with dream, though it's not something I've personally experienced. If true, I could see us having entire separate relationships that could be so meaningful that when you lay your head down there, you begin to suspect that THIS is the dream. As for the poem itself, the structure was great and the rhyme on point with some cleverly placed words used to make it so. I imagine that chasing the sky's dreams would be equal parts pure serenity and pure frustration through realization that the sky has a way of shifting from warm to cold. Sorry to ramble, these types of poems just always resonate so much for me. Awesome job, as always :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "Lovetorn" by Sudos
  • "I'm not quite sure how you managed to jam pack so many visuals into such a short space, but you did. I'm not quite sure what "arjale" is, I tried looking it up but no luck. Otherwise a short but sweet piece and that author's note - what a terrifying place to visit. Reminds me of the concept of the "mirror of truth". I have a hard time even looking myself in the eyes in a normal mirror some days. Sorry to ramble, but just wanted you to know this really resonated with me and you left a lot of room for the mind to wander and to ponder. Very nice job :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "A Private Level of Hell" by Sudos
  • "After a few reads, I'm coming away with an "I am my own worst enemy". kind of vibe with the "kiss" being a metaphor for "pain endured". Which may not have been your intent but, while reading it that way, this read like exact scenarios I have experienced myself and the imagery you used captured those moments incredibly well, whether that was your intention or not :p This gave me cold chills and any time a poet can give me real physical sensations then they have captured something well. Very cool :) "
    Posted by Dilated View on "Lips Bitten" by Sudos
  • "I had a series of anxiety attacks/panic attacks when I was younger and, at the time, I'd never heard of them, super crazy. I have a theory that during one of them, when I blacked out, that I actually woke up in another timeline. Keeping in mind that this was before the more recent years of people talking about Mandella Affect and alternate universes etc. But around that time is also when I started lucid dreaming. Interesting stuff. But thank you for giving more details on the context. Having read especially those first two stanzas I realize now just what you were going through in that moment and can definitely relate to how terrifying that is. And it sounds like perhaps writing this helped ground you and give you a way to talk about the reality you'd like to try to manifest it with your words and thoughts and determination. And, as a result, I really enjoy this write even more. Again, thank you for sharing and thank you for taking the time to give more context. I genuinely hope you get there. I'll keep it in my thoughts so maybe I can be a part of helping you manifest that reality. Once again nicely done :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "Rose Color My Glasses" by Sudos
  • "This was really powerful and felt like maybe you're at a crossroad but with a plan. If I could make a suggestion - if you're going to swear in a poem it's better to use the full word than an edited version. Using the asterisks, to me, kind of cheapens the experience. As for the write itself I really enjoyed the way it put its hooks in me right away and then took me for a ride. Your visuals worked really well and were specific enough to make it easy for a reader to really feel those sensations. Sounds like you have a heart full of emotions that is ready to burst, but in a good way, and whoever catches the debris from the blast is going to be better off for it. Some spite mixed with purpose. A great combination for changing the world, or maybe just your world, but it feels like there is a definite sense of purpose. The title gives a lot of hope to what is otherwise a sad journey but keep trucking along and you'll get there, sometimes that's a person can do. Very cool read, thanks so much for sharing :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "Rose Color My Glasses" by Sudos
  • "There is something about this that just totally resonates within me. I loved the way that the structure felt conversational and casual and then you mix in some off beat rhyme and word play which I thought really enhanced what was already an interesting read. And as for the message within, no worries; a lot of us "accept that sentiment" as well. Super cool, thank you for sharing :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "Please Excuse" by Sudos
  • "Interesting format used here. I hope the art of reading and, as a result, self growth never die. I love when something comes along and just consumes you to the point that you can't look away. Very cool :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "My Parenthesis" by Sudos
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