Comments by Dilated View

  • "Super sad. I think a lot of us have known someone who has, or watched someone actively, self destruct slowly, one thread at a time. So much wasted potential, if only those around that person had noticed before intervention became meaningless. An interesting read, thanks for sharing :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "...Burdens of the Broken" by SolApathy
  • "Every word here seemed to belong with none wasted. I especially enjoyed "I am failure‚Äôs crescendo Waves of epileptic beauty Surge upon a shore Stealing the sands of my memories" Interesting read, thank you for sharing :)"
    Posted by Dilated View on "...Crescendo " by SolApathy
  • "Man those last two lines are lingering and resonating. Interesting that we can watch our own demise in third person while knowing that sometimes that first person aspect can sometimes only ride the wave as things play out. Interesting read, well done :]"
    Posted by Dilated View on "...Vitriol " by SolApathy
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