Comments by lost angel

  • "this poem is like "scars". i wrote it when i was twelve. im glad you guys like it."
    Posted by lost angel on "Hate" by lost angel
  • "it was three pages on microsoft word... i can write novels, so i didn't think it was long... thank you very much, and i might just try that... "
    Posted by lost angel on "The Girl In the Mirror" by lost angel
  • "Conquering your fears is being brave. 'shed no tears' is the way i chose to express that in this piece. "
    Posted by lost angel on "Scars" by lost angel
  • ""no matter what you do you will hate life. more than life will hate you. " this was the best line in the entire work. for me, these lines made the piece. you are an artist, in an artist's truest form. "
    Posted by lost angel on "secrets[&]stories" by Six-Out
  • "thank you very much. i really just typed this off the top of my head when i joined the other night. your comments are appreciated."
    Posted by lost angel on "when?" by lost angel
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