Comments by BrokenAngel

  • "i dont know what to say. i read this four times and im stil not sure i understand it all. im intrigued. i have a feeling that there are things behind the words, you know its thre but you cant really see it. idk, anyways. nice write =]"
    Posted by BrokenAngel on "The Songs We Sing." by Aleas
  • "i hope it all works out for the best =] if you really love him and he loves you he should realize how he is hurting you. and be truly yours. it happened for me. so dont let all these ppl scare you k? hope for the best. if it doesnt happen the way you want then it wasnt meant to be. and your meant for better. dont consume yourself with the worrying. "
    Posted by BrokenAngel on "Piece of My Heart" by Mischevious Princess
  • "yes thats exactly what i was trying to express. =]ill walk down the hall @ school and look @ every single person... and not one will look @ me."
    Posted by BrokenAngel on "Ghost" by BrokenAngel
  • "id like to know what you think this is about... not only compliment or criticize it. im just curious cuz my mom thought it was something completely different from what id intended"
    Posted by BrokenAngel on "Ghost" by BrokenAngel
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