Comments by Narcissa

  • "It’s been so long since I have visited ... and so thankful to stumble across this piece. ...Always a pleasure..."
    Posted by Narcissa on "Look Forward" by Alanarchy
  • "I think we all have these 'thoughts' ...and simple as it may be..I felt a smile from my past tug on my lips...thank you."
    Posted by Narcissa on "Ouroboros" by Echoes of Orpheus
  • "...if wishes were words Id be around more and Id writing something worth a damn...but I do thank you..."
    Posted by Narcissa on "still. born" by Narcissa
  • "miss you Mooney...sorry Im not around more...sure miss those old days...and thank you. "
    Posted by Narcissa on "still. born" by Narcissa
  • "Thank you Jeff, It has been a long time...hope you are still writing...I guess to find that out I need to check out your page :) ...time on the other hand is very stingy at the moment...I do hope all is well w/you..."
    Posted by Narcissa on "still. born" by Narcissa
  • "There is something about your poetry that really pulls me in...Im truly enjoying it...wish I had room to add you to my favs."
    Posted by Narcissa on "Smile." by eyeeatthesky
  • "There is something more then just the process of painting and the picture everyone else sees...there is nothing more therapeutic then painting in my opinion...I really enjoyed this piece..."
    Posted by Narcissa on "For the sake of painting" by eyeeatthesky
  • "This is painful to read...but sometimes those holes are there to protect...yes..I lived/live this...and sometimes its easier to not find whats'll eventually find us..doesn't it? "
    Posted by Narcissa on "Photographs" by Musik2MyEyes
  • "however my words flow they can never compare to yours...thank you...thank all of you."
    Posted by Narcissa on "Waiting" by Narcissa
  • "somethings aren't meant to forget...lessons that are etched in our minds...hearts...lives...we go on and take it day by day...but enough of how this piece made me was good...a lot of blow to the punches...There's a lot of heart in your soul...don't lose it."
    Posted by Narcissa on "Desperate Times (lyrics)" by uptillsunrise
  • "There is always room for improvment/change and as someone said (sorry the name has slipped my mind right now) a poem is never finsihed...make sure to post it when you do."
    Posted by Narcissa on "The Midnight Walker" by Malcholm Dark
  • "This sounds too personal to comment on...but, I will...rather or not it is...this hurt w/a familiar slap in the face. I have yet have the strength to share it with thank you."
    Posted by Narcissa on "Why Am I Here?" by Musik2MyEyes
  • "the whole piece was fantastic...I didn't want it to sound like it wasn't..its just those lines hit me the hardest...Im still feeling them..."
    Posted by Narcissa on "Alt / red." by Aleas
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