Comments by Winter Born

  • "It is less the president, and more the mealy-mouthed morons who insist that we have a "kinder, gentler military" This crap would have been over years ago, if they would just let us go and dominate instead of worrying over hearts and minds. Kinder, gentler, armies only do one thing well, Lose. keep your head down and watch your six brother. come home in better shape than I did. Excellent write."
    Posted by Winter Born on "Bullets, people, presidents, and me." by pessum ire animus
  • "To alleviate your concerns, I see nothing in this that might be taken from my work. though the overall tone reminds me heavily of "A plea to old soldiers, and the young alike." or "An ode to war" just tone, no worries of plagiarism."
    Posted by Winter Born on "PTSD" by SulaMoon
  • "Should you require a shoulder to cry on, you let me know. if I can help I will be there. You would be amazed, at how helpful just venting in the chatbox can be. we outcasts and unknowns support each other. We are all we have. Awesome write."
    Posted by Winter Born on "The Angel's Demons" by Myzeray
  • "very sweet. Though in my religion owls are messengers of death... I like the song. well done for off the top of your head. "
    Posted by Winter Born on "An Owl's Lulluby" by Myzeray
  • "The worst of humanity have nothing but excuses when the light of right is shined upon them and their actions... Just so they know MY light of right is mounted directly beneath the barrel of my rifle! Stay strong darlin "
    Posted by Winter Born on "The Angel of Myzeray" by Myzeray
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