Comments by Aunty Depressant

  • "Powerfully strong longing emoted here. I assume PTSD from battle is the topic. I've heard of some things that help, but not sure if they are snake oil. Hypnotherapy (actually did ease my PTSD in another situation)and a thing called EFT claims to have helped Vets that suffer. Good luck,...may peace find you and others that suffer. May we all be at peace."
    Posted by Aunty Depressant on "A plea to old soldiers, and the new alike." by Winter Born
  • "It is so sad that we can not end the pain and suffering, ...that beliefs and politics have continued to put children in harms way. I can not help but to remember my father telling me how he'd be ready to fire on our own civilians after training."
    Posted by Aunty Depressant on "CHILDKILLER!!!" by Winter Born
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