Comments by carlosjackal

  • "Holy fuck..” Fully present and inhabiting this mind, this body - the sheer fucking love and glory of being alive at its most primal, most vulnerable. Most precious.”..That stanza alone was a poem in its own right..Your roar is amazing."
    Posted by carlosjackal on "Hex." by Feral
  • "Like whispers that have the power to knockout and floor a person. Amazing talent."
    Posted by carlosjackal on "in.violet" by Feral
  • "This art is like a metaphor for any great new adventure about to be embarked upon....Both scary and exciting, it's finding the guts, will and determination to take that first step and realise that it was only ever fear holding you back."
    Posted by carlosjackal on "Incidental Vertigo" by Feral
  • "I can echo everyone else's comments here...You struck a level of quality here that very few ever reach. Amazing poetics."
    Posted by carlosjackal on "xii; a rain dance" by Feral
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