Comments by Ozymandias

  • "I'm surprised nobody has commented this yet. I'm very glad I stumbled upon this, I really enjoyed reading this. I felt there were a few lines in which didn't flow with the rest of the piece (ie: But as a jazz man would say, your choices give me the blues). But I still really liked this piece, especially this line "I am the One God, yet I am many; I am Satan and The Son I am none of those things that you worship as if they were The One" Great job "
    Posted by Ozymandias on "God's State of Mind" by Argentum
  • "Just consider what I've said, and then of course do whatever you feel is right for your own writings. I think this can be good, if you fix up a few things."
    Posted by Ozymandias on ""Question of Emotion"" by Trigger
  • "I do like the idea of what you're presenting, however some of the lines are contradictory to love and hate. ie: "hate can be caring". Some are a little confusing as to how you mean "hate can be welcomed, or "hate can be tainted""
    Posted by Ozymandias on ""Question of Emotion"" by Trigger
  • "I thought this was perfectly, and tragically beautiful. "her eyes so cold like pools without reflections", loved that line."
    Posted by Ozymandias on "heart of ashes" by StAinedNblood
  • "Haha. Well thank you Your_only_love. I should fix that so it makes sense. I should have known that too."
    Posted by Ozymandias on "Creator" by Ozymandias
  • "Nice write, it does have a tribal sense to it. Just makes it all the better, I like your work from what I can see. I'll be sure to read more."
    Posted by Ozymandias on "-*War Dance" by Marek
  • "Awesome! I cant describe what I feel when I read this, but I like the feeling. Your a great writer, and i'll certainly check out some of your other works."
    Posted by Ozymandias on "more than waiting" by whisperer
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