Comments by Aurora_Light

  • "fact remains that for some the fight is to hard and they cant handle it thats why we must listen becuase like u state it is better to fight but some need help or support"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "How can?" by The_Scavenger
  • "dont call them cowards or weaklings you would be so suprized at the thoughts that go through the heads of the strong or the "weak" may do ask for help but thier cry isnt hear or its igored so watch what u say i know u worry and that u care but my dear the"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "How can?" by The_Scavenger
  • "awe babe this is beautiful the strucure is so so but the meaning behind the words is beautiful and great"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "Timber" by The_Scavenger
  • "i've never heard u read this one before i like it, something hits me the last line hits me the nost very nice job"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "brother" by The_Scavenger
  • "first misspelling but then i spell things wrong too its tarrot (i think) there isnt really a from to this more thoughts but its not to bad keep writing"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "Save me" by The_Scavenger
  • "hmm are u have second thoughts deary? the poem its self itsnt bad simple short gets the point to the reader. *side note bout time u got new stuff up!"
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "Spinning" by The_Scavenger
  • "how could u think foe even a second that i wouldn't miss u or be proud of u. i love u and i'll miss u and be so proud of u and i'll remember every moment that we were happy together while u are gone. i love u much so. and i like this write too ur parents "
    Posted by Aurora_Light on "will I" by The_Scavenger
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