Comments by Rebel_Angel

  • "I have to agree this is a good write, and I on the other hand am with Scavenger on this, suicide is the "easy way out" if ya ask me. But that is just my opinion."
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "How can?" by The_Scavenger
  • "oh dear, having second thoughts I see...maybe... Well this is a nice write, and yes it is good u posted more!"
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "Spinning" by The_Scavenger
  • "WOW! I like this but it is also something I fear... I fear that u will never come back and I also fear Josh will never come back!...:("
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "Time of War" by The_Scavenger
  • "U will be missed and people will be proud as Aurora said! I don't know how u could think that atleast she wouldn't miss u! "
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "will I" by The_Scavenger
  • ""And as I pass through the Golden Gates of Heaven, I vow to you, I will always love and protect you from above with all my love" Wow I like that part... For someone to have that much love is unbelevable... But then again I've never been in"
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "My last Resort" by The_Scavenger
  • " nice. I know what it feels like to go places w/ people you don't know, but sometimes it is a good thing (like in your case). I'm really glade you BOTH went because now I have a new friend who helped me probably more then anyone. No Offence Tut Tut. :)"
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "Date" by The_Scavenger
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