Comments by Rebel_Angel

  • "I know I'm a little late in commenting, but...I'm sorry you had to go through this and I'd like to tell you you can do better, but it's always hard to know this on your own...I hope your situation is better today. "
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "He talks to me like I am shit" by blackdarkness
  • "yeah, when people get into trouble sometimes they learn a lesson and it is to not get caught the next time. I've been through that a few times."
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "Dear Mr. Principal" by Jenni
  • "This happens too much now a days, I feel the sadness and my sympathy goes out to everyone who has been through this."
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "the child" by Kfritz
  • "I have wrote a few works that are all in my imagination. They sound so good and real in our heads, but when reality hits it hurts a lot! Don't stop dreaming though, cuz without dreams what would lead us on?"
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "The Love I Imagined" by Simply Me
  • "I have to agree this is a good write, and I on the other hand am with Scavenger on this, suicide is the "easy way out" if ya ask me. But that is just my opinion."
    Posted by Rebel_Angel on "How can?" by The_Scavenger
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