Comments by aCiD aNgEL

  • "i'm so sorry for your loss. ending a life is so tragic and hard on all those whose lives have been touched by them... this writing, and the paragraph that follows couldn't be more real. thank you for this write. "
    Posted by aCiD aNgEL on "My Friend Killed Himself Today" by c-macpherson44
  • "that was hot.. thanks for pointing out how badly i need to get laid. LMAO. Just playing. Great Write though! Sexy"
    Posted by aCiD aNgEL on "oh god" by dismal silence
  • "omg hun. i love that. ive felt it for so many years. thanks for that write, 'twas a beautiful one... "
    Posted by aCiD aNgEL on "On and On" by MidniteBlaze
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