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Oh what mountain is yon
She Said, so dreamy, covered with frost
And snow?
Yon is the mountain of Hell
He replied. Where you and I Will go.
/The ballad of the demon lover.

Ive got writer block:(

Well if Anne Boleyn
Made it to the scaffold to get her
Head cut off , then you can live
Another day.

I cannot be loved. Too ugly for love

Thy like
Morgue starry skies
The coffin blessd
Kill calligraphic
Are made belief
Lets pretend, Alice Pleasance
Lidells favorite words.
Chesspawns and playing card decks
Are fallen in wonderland
I want your love.
Undying mortuary
Swan crossing necks.
Asphalt painted by a
Graffiti artist
Who is made by ice.
I own your last breath
Sulphurous decayed
In autumn.
Statue greek
Crying blood
At our arrival.

A photographer author.
Alone Nobody loves me.

Full fathom
Five thy father lies
Of his bones are coral made

I cry to thee oh lord.

Ads for haunted gasstations

Just know that if you hide,
It doesent go away

The like

Born in a hotelroom
And goddammit
Died in a hotelroim.

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