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Poetry 2002-09-08MEASURED TIME
Poetry 2002-09-09incestual insanity
Poetry 2002-09-28once upon a fairy tale
Poetry 2003-06-05everything is nothing
Poetry 2003-06-05eyes like pools
Poetry 2003-06-08believe in something
Poetry 2003-06-08no more
Poetry 2003-06-13after life
Poetry 2003-06-13something evil
Poetry 2003-07-04where do they go
Poetry 2003-07-04HOURGLASS
Poetry 2003-07-04how long
Poetry 2003-07-05i am
Poetry 2003-07-13THE HEART
Poetry 2003-07-24Death To Our Mother
Poetry 2003-07-25ticking time bomb
Poetry 2003-07-27die to live
Poetry 2003-09-01harvester of sorrow
Poetry 2003-09-01here and gone
Poetry 2003-10-20twilight
Poetry 2003-12-25the decline
Poetry 2004-02-07where
Poetry 2004-03-31simple
Poetry 2004-04-07hate
Poetry 2004-05-24????????????????
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