Jessica Orr

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Jessica Orr's Works

Poetry (Horror)2015-02-17They cross
Poetry (Abuse)2015-02-19I said magic
Poetry (Abuse)2015-02-19Untitled
Poetry (Abuse)2015-02-23Of hands
Poetry (Personal)2015-03-01Remembering infinity
Poetry (Personal)2015-03-07Bleach
Poetry (Depressed)2015-03-07Almost perfect
Poetry (Abuse)2015-03-10Crickets
Poetry (Fantasy)2015-02-16The reasons of my smile- PART I
Poetry (Fantasy)2015-03-12The reasons of my smile- PART II
Poetry (Fantasy)2015-03-12The reasons of my smile- PART III
Poetry (Fantasy)2015-03-19The reasons of my smile, PART IV
Poetry (Fantasy)2015-04-22The reasons of my smile- PART VI
Poetry (Fantasy)2015-08-11The reasons of my smile- PART VIII
Poetry (Love)2015-03-20She doesn't
Poetry (Abuse)2015-03-20Moths
Poetry (Personal)2015-03-20Conveyors say it all
Poetry (Fantasy)2015-04-22I stole
Poetry (Depressed)2015-04-22Untitled (4-14-15)
Poetry (Personal)2015-04-26Giants run
Poetry (Abuse)2015-05-05Untitled (5-1-15)
Poetry (Depressed)2015-05-05A dream of waldon's pond
Poetry (Reflective)2015-05-12Why the blood red sun
Poetry (Abuse)2015-05-12Unpronounceable
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Storms heard
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Bending grass
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00Pill
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00The interest of you
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Whisk away
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Untitled (7-5-15)
Poetry (Personal)2015-07-20Fawning tree
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Love poets are terrible lovers
Poetry (Fantasy)0000-00-00'Bloodstories', vol 3- colonies
Poetry (Fantasy)2015-08-11'Bloodstories', vol. 4- blackout
Poetry (Abuse)0000-00-00Untitled. 6.23.15.
Poetry (Fantasy)0000-00-00Stars
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Coursing river edge
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00Some-what
Poetry (Love)2015-09-10A kiss
Poetry (Fantasy)0000-00-00The worse thing in the world
Poetry (Depressed)2015-09-22untitled (9-20-15)
Poetry (Abuse)0000-00-00Pasture lands
Poetry (Abuse)0000-00-00Bee-line
Poetry (Personal)0000-00-00Night blessing
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00sterile I try
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