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Hello folks. My name is Christopher P. Gazeent, but you can call me Pinky. I am a musician, writer and student at Purchase College. I am very much involved in the vibrant Hudson Valley poetry scene of upstate New York. If you want to get in touch please email me at: chrisgazeent@gmail.com

quantummysticist18's Works

Poetry (Personal)2014-09-16Five Shades of Autumn
Poetry (Personal)2014-09-18Halfway House
Poetry (Reflective)2014-09-22The Photographer
Poetry (Reflective)2014-10-20A Feeling of Winter
Poetry (Depressed)2014-11-03Would This Bridge Would Crumble
Poetry (Reflective)2014-11-13The Great Unknown
Poetry (Depressed)2014-11-23Mercy
Poetry (Depressed)2015-01-08Memory's Chasm (The Outside)
Poetry 2015-01-21The Mirror
Poetry (Depressed)2015-02-04Mob Psychology
Poetry (Depressed)2015-02-21​For the Suicides
Poetry (Personal)2015-03-09​On the Urbanization of Souls
Poetry (Depressed)2015-03-14Hades (The Basement)
Poetry (Philosophical)2015-04-15Anarchy in Spring
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00The Marketplace
Poetry (Horror)0000-00-00A Ghost
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00Idiolect
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00The Final Night in the Life of a Mortal Light Dweller
Poetry 0000-00-00Lucifer's Theophany
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00​Corpses and Criminals
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00The Darkness, pts. I-X
Poetry 0000-00-00The Lemming Suicides
Poetry 0000-00-00A Veritable Götterdämmerung
Poetry 0000-00-00The Reinvention of the Calculus and the Wheel and Lever
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Graveyard (Vanishing Point)
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00Febrile Desiderata
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Flash Flood Nocturne
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Chronometric Prophecy
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00Doorkeeper at the Turnstiles of Hope
Poetry (Depressed)2016-05-03Without You Here
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00​The Fruits of Tantalus, or, Turritopsis dohrnii
Poetry (Depressed)2016-05-18The Hanging Tree
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00Dream Eaters
Poetry (Depressed)2016-05-31On the Lack of Horses in the Barn and the Arsonous Instinct...
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00Suffocation
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