Scribble scrabble-
Scratch pad(ded)
Best works
Seem to be
The revision of slurs.

I hope you enjoy.

CoffeeBreak's Works

Poetry (Love)2013-08-05Lonely Days.
Poetry (Depressed)2013-08-06Suicide Note.
Poetry (Love)2013-08-31Wanna Runaway.
Poetry 2013-09-02Prey, Hunter, Coward.
Poetry (Love)2013-09-04Twisted Love.
Poetry (Rage)2013-09-04Straight Jacket.
Poetry (Love)2013-10-31Letters From Asylum.
Poetry (Love)2013-11-01Sweetest.
Poetry 2013-11-01Prisoner.
Poetry (Haiku)2016-04-07Haiku (Non-traditional)
Poetry (Reflective)2016-04-07Writer's Block.
Poetry (Haiku)0000-00-00Haiku #2 (non-traditional)
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