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PhD in philosophy,
Writer and professor of philosophy in Lebanon.
I also like free jazz (Coltrane and all the new ones out in France and elsewhere), rock (especially Morrissey), travelling, meeting others, and dancing stupidly.

entelechia's Works

Poetry 2013-06-16Searching
Poetry 2013-06-16At the News of God's Death
Poetry 2013-06-16Here and There
Poetry 2013-06-16Inside
Poetry 2013-06-17A Day in a Life
Poetry 2013-06-17Born in a Storm
Poetry 2013-06-19Dictionary
Poetry (Reflective)2013-06-19Drifting
Poetry (Ironic)2013-06-20Famous Last Words
Poetry 2013-06-22Final Step
Poetry 2013-06-22Forever Forwards and Backwards
Poetry 2013-06-24Helen and the Sun
Poetry 2013-06-27The Promise
Poetry 2013-06-28The road
Poetry 2013-06-30Woman of the Brink
Poetry 2013-07-04The Man and the Plough
Poetry 2013-07-19From Ljubljana... with love
Poetry 2013-07-21The Obvious
Poetry (Structured)2013-07-28Toward the horizons
Poetry (Love)2013-07-30A Delicate Heart of Snow
Poetry 2013-08-04Evening in Atoms
Poetry (Love)2013-09-02One
Poetry (Love)2013-09-07Stationary
Poetry (Love)2013-10-24Dusk
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